Variety of dog treats used for positive, reward-based dog training.

Permission Granted!

Here are the top 5 things you have official permission to do with your dog(s) without fear of catastrophic repercussions, or even being “wrong.” Thing One: Use treats to train! Use a LOT! Life is short after all, and rewards go a long, long way in training dogs and making it fun! When working with …

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dog food puzzle

Food Puzzles to the Rescue!

Is your dog home alone for long hours? Does he get bored and destructive? Why not fixate your dog on something you would like him to do? It’s fun and easy too! Dogs have a real need for mental stimulation just like we do. Humans have friends, family, movies, cell phones, books and more to …

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Genie Tuttle, CPDT-KA and Dr. Ian Dunbar

Thirsty for Knowledge

Can you ever really learn too much? How much “subject matter expert” status is too much? While it may be impossible to know everything about your hobbies or interests, there’s certainly no harm in trying. When passion, drive and enthusiasm intersect with a person’s chosen career path, quenching the thirst for knowledge is nearly impossible. …

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Lily Performs a Down-Stay for a Treat from the Manners Minder

How a Pod of Fun Gets Training Done! Remote training success with the Manners Minder

Do you ever fantasize about having a well-mannered dog doing a perfect down-stay when guests arrive and ring the door bell? Jumping up to greet visitors is a natural and easily reinforced behavior for dogs, most of whom get really good at it! Typically when dogs jump up on people, people reflexively look at them, …

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