Adventures in Pet First Aid

As my husband has told me countless times, “Adventure isn’t always fun while it’s happening.”  He is usually referring to getting caught in the rain (or snow) on a cross country motorcycle trip or something else equally exciting, and contrasting that with the glory of “telling the tale” once you’re back safe and dry.  As …

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A little brown dog is tied to a post outside a grocery store.

Dog Tied

A quickie trip to the grocery store turned into a teachable moment recently as I watched from a distance while a teenage girl tied her innocent little brown dog to a post outside the market. While walking from the parking lot to the front door I saw the girl disappear quickly into the store. The …

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Who Lets the Dogs Out?

Every household has them: Chores, chores and more chores, the things that need to get done to keep the place going.  The lead humans in the household typically assume roles aligned with their various areas of expertise and delegate from there.  There’s the household “CFO,” or Chief Financial Officer, who tends to the budget, cash …

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Rats in the Cradle

Soooo…the other day I came home from a busy morning and took the dogs outside to go potty like we always do.  We have quite a consistent routine built around the humans leaving and returning, which helps the dogs understand what’s expected of them and where we are in their daily “script.”  The dogs ran …

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Dog Cam Image

The Daily Dog Watch

How much information is TOO MUCH information (TMI) when it comes to knowing what your dogs are doing while you’re away?  Apparently there is no limit for me, as I can’t seem to get enough “intel” on this topic — I may even have an unhealthy addiction to my “Doggie Cam.”  About a year ago …

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Dog Walking Equipment

Gear Hounds

It’s time to accept the fact that when I walk our three retired racing greyhounds in my quiet little neighborhood, I am a complete and total spectacle! One greyhound is exotic enough, two’s company and three’s a crowd! Passersby might wonder, “Did the circus come to town or what?!” Enhancing the 12-legged spectacle is that …

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