Date(s) – 01/11/2020 – 02/08/2020
12:45 pm – 1:45 pm

Flying High Pet Resort

The Nose KNOWS!  Watch your dog show YOU how it’s done with the exciting sport of K9 Nose Work® This activity teaches your dog to reconnect with their natural hunting instincts to find a target scent, just like working dogs do! No prior skills necessary, all your dog needs is their nose and a ride to class!

In nose work, dogs work the scent field individually one at a time and do not interact with the other dogs in the class, in order to stay focused on the the nose work process.  For this reason, dogs of all abilities and personalities, including dog-reactive dogs, are more than welcome to attend this group class.*

All dogs must be crated or kept in the car (weather permitting) when it’s not their turn to work.

5 Week Class ~ $165

Space is limited and reservations are required!

This class is for dogs age 16 weeks and older, proof of active vaccination is required.

For more information visit: and

This class is approved by the National Association of Canine Scent Work, LLC® and is taught by Genie Tuttle, CPDT-KA, CNWI (Certified Nose Work Instructor).

*With the exception of dogs that are aggressive toward humans