Genie is a magician. She uses only positive methods to train dogs and more importantly, their owners. Whether its a new puppy or a dog who has long-standing behavior issues, Genie is the person for you. In addition, Genie was patient and successful in working with two of our grandchildren, ages 6 and 8, who were very frightened of dogs. After only a one hour session working with Genie, the children found a new comfort level with dogs. Genie is a “dog-gone” miracle worker. We would recommend her without reservation. She will make a significant difference in your life with your dog.”

Jane Lynch-Rush

“We are sooooo excited about last night’s class.  When we came home we went through everything again, and Rommel responded immediately.  Genie…you’ve even brought Bob around to your training techniques!!!  He said, ‘this stuff really works!’  Thank you sooo much…we didn’t expect so much so quickly!  You’re AMAZING!!! (And so is Rommel!)”
Cindy McCahill

“Thanks to Dog Genie’s training, my Min Pin Jay Cee went from a dog I was ready to ‘re-home’ to a pleasure to have around!”
Yvette Gehant

“We highly recommend Genie and her training methods. We have put 3 dogs through her course. The results are amazing. Our biggest accomplishments, following her methods, have been to bring an emotionally scarred rescued Boxer out of his “shell”, turning him into a normal, well adjusted, playful, attentive, and obedient dog, and to get a stubborn Dachshund that was beyond what we thought was all hope to actually learn “Down” and “Shake” using Genie’s tricks for getting the dog to learn a command and action in baby steps. I would not have believed it possible with this dog had I not followed her guidance and seen the results for myself! Her training works!!”
Randy and Anne Holliday

“My hundred and ten pound German Shepherd boy “Bueller” lived up to his name more than Matthew Broderick did in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” so it was a given that the big bad boy would be a training challenge. After going through several trainers, it was with Dog Genie that we were finally able to get this giant goof-off into a training program that worked for both of us. The former class clown is finally a well-mannered K9 citizen, thanks to Genie Tuttle, Dog Genie and her positive approach to communicating with dogs.”
Debra Walters

“Harley, our second Black Lab rescue came to us 2 yrs ago with some aggression issues towards men. We tried everything before finding Dog Genie. In her training class, Genie determined that Harley’s aggressive blustering and barking was out of fear and she was a tremendous help both to him and to our family. Genie even came to the house to fit Harley with a ‘Calming Cap’ which lowered his excitement and anxiety levels tremendously to the point where we are now able to enjoy our rides in the car again. We are very grateful.”
Jack Halley

“We started puppy training with our 5 month old rescue, Bella. She was the youngest in the class but very eager to learn. Genie made the class very fun for both the owners and the dogs. The class size was about 8 dogs and each of us got as much individual attention as we needed. We all cheered each other on as each dog would perform their task. I especially enjoyed learning to walk Bella on a ‘loose leash’ because in the past all the training I had learned was to walk with the dog on the left side in a ‘heel’ which was very strict. Bella took to the loose leash walking right away and to this day (3 years later) she is a happy dog and loves to go for walks! We also learned to ‘wait’ at the corner or curb which we still do as well. I also appreciated that I could contact Genie at any time after the class was over to ask questions if any problems came up. She always responded right away and was encouraging. Once you have graduated, she offers something that I had never heard of before which is an open invitation to return to any class to get a brush up. I am so thankful that we found Genie and our dog Bella is a happy, well behaved dog that we can bring to any event and she is welcomed. Thank you Genie, I wish you much success and I hope everyone can get to experience your kind, supportive, and wonderful dog training skills.”
Leslie & Waldie Brangham