Remember when it comes to dog obedience and training your dog:

Consistency is key

Always think about your dog’s motivation.  What are their top ten favorite things, how can you use those as training rewards?

Patience is your most priceless piece of equipment!

Understand your dog’s need for leadership.  Dogs need a solid, consistent, predictable, reliable leader.

Your daily routine matters

Exercise cures many dog behavioral issues!

Either you manage a problematic behavior or you teach a replacement behavior.  (Manage or Teach)  If you do neither, the problem behavior will tend to increase in intensity and occurrence.

Make it FUN!

Focus on promoting a healthy relationship between your dog and you. Make every interaction as positive as possible.

Acknowledge and reward good behavior (even when you least expect it!)

Clicker Training Tips
The clicker is like a human:canine dictionary
A “Click!” is ALWAYS followed by a treat
“Click!” one time only
“Click!” during the behavior (not before, not after)
Lure or wait for the desired behavior, then click as it happens!
Keep Clicker sessions short (3 – 5 mins each)
Click the behavior you want as it is happening
Do not use the clicker to get attention or to prompt
It is for marking a desired behavior only
When your dog is offering the behavior correctly, (80% of the time) add a verbal cue just prior to the behavior
Clicker training is a FUN way to communicate with your dog!
Dogs LOVE clicker training