Baby I Was Born This Way

 A Lifelong Dog Trainer’s Evolution Continues

“Let’s Go!” That’s dog-speak for “Let’s Do This,” and also one of my favorite phrases used in modern dog training, typically for loose leash walking. It’s an appropriate opening for the first Dog Genie blog post, too. Welcome friends, “Let’s go!” I love dogs, I love dogs, I LOVE DOGS. If you’re reading this then I bet you do, too. Let’s celebrate you, the dog lover. Let’s celebrate your dogs past and present and your experiences together. Let’s learn, grow and evolve by exploring the depths of our relationships with dogs and learn a little something new and helpful along the way. I’m excited about our journey.

Mine started at the age of six when our family got our first dog, a glorious, complicated, magical German Shepherd mix who my dad named “Bismarck,” but he was no battleship. Bismarck, “Biz” or “Bizzy” was as vulnerable and sensitive as he was handsome and regal. Even as a little girl, I was intrigued by learning how to communicate with him–so much seemed to be going on with Biz and his world! I know now that he wasn’t mute at all, he was constantly communicating to us, we just weren’t tuned to the right channel, “KDOG.”

German Shepherd and Dog Genie
My inspiration - Bismarck and Genie

Thanks to Bizzy, the TV show Mr. Ed and Rex Harrison’s, Dr. DoolittleI was totally obsessed with being able to “Talk to the animals, learn their languages, chatter with a chimp in chimpanzee…” Still am. A trip to the library lead to the beginning of my career using Barbara Woodhouse’s books and practicing on my pal Biz. Sadly, back in the day, a less evolved method of dog training existed and I tugged old Bizzy up and down the sidewalk trying to teach him to heel, choke chain and all. With Biz in one hand and Barbara’s book in the other I practiced out front every day. “Oh WHAT a good dog!” He taught me so much.

Thankfully my personal evolution has progressed after living with numerous dogs in my lifetime and training hundreds of dog/owner teams spanning 20 plus years. I do not support “jerking and choking” or violence of any kind in the name of “training” and haven’t for many years. My passion is teaching people how to communicate with their dogs using positive progressive techniques, staying current with leaders in the field and tossing in my own blend of “Genie” experience.

My BA degree is in Communication. I’ve worked for private dog training companies, Parks & Rec departments, a pet big box store and even done hard time in Corporate America, all while being hopelessly in love with dogs. Have I mentioned I love dogs? Along my path to the present I have earned one of the few independently governed credentials in the unregulated field of dog training, the CPDT-KA (Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge Assessed). More on that here:

So “Let’s Go!” friends, let’s get on with our journey and continue our evolution together hopelessly in love with our dogs and wide-eyed about the future. I hope you will “come” “sit” and “stay” at my blog often and share your dogness with the pack.

Whoever said “Bark Less, Wag More” had their priorities straight!

PS – Thanks to Lady GaGa for the title of this blog, I’m hummin’ a tune now!

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