How a Carabiner Can Save Your Dog’s Life

Spring Clip on Gate Latch
Spring clip for dog gate
Carabiner spring clips for securing gates come in many colors.

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that matter. I’ve long been a fan of the good ‘ol carabiner, or spring clip, for many applications here and there, and I’m not even a mountain climber nor do I know how to rappel off the couch, let alone while climbing Everest (note to self: bucket list item #472).

Today was one of those days in Southern California when the “devil winds,” or Santa Ana winds, were blowing with gusts in excess of 50 mph. It was the first big wind of the year, and actually quite miserable–hot, dry and dusty. The neighbor’s wind chimes were clanging (sadly not in a Zen-like way) tree branches were down and I knew it would be “one of those days” outside on my early morning walk with the dogs. True to form, as I looked at the house directly across the street I saw both of their backyard gates were flung wide open. That didn’t worry me too much as I know they don’t have any dogs. The neighbor next to them had a tree blown down in their front yard.  The dogs and I hadn’t ventured very far at all when we were approached by someone in a car asking if I’d seen their Australian Shepherd, “She got out of the yard somehow,” she said, but unfortunately I had not seen her. A few houses down two well-behaved German Shepherds were out on their front lawn with the gate to their yard wide open, too.

During all of this I was reminded of how a simple carabiner placed through the hole in a typical gate latch can keep a gate from blowing open in strong winds and prevent your dog from escaping, getting hit by a car, seriously injured or even stolen. Not everyone takes found animals to the animal shelter where it is logical for owners to look for them. Some people keep animals they find, making it nearly impossible for owners to ever find them, sort of like the odds of finding a needle in a haystack. I bet it was a busy day at the local animal shelter too.

Carabiners are a simple and easy way to keep your gate secure, yet still allow access for gardeners, pool cleaners, etc…in other words, for people who do not want to use actual padlocks. They can be found at any hardware store and come in lots of fun colors too. My tip of the day is get your gate groove goin’ immediately and keep your dogs safe and well.  Always be sure your gate is secure!

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